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  1. hey there... I installed these cars and the music radio is on...how can i disable them? do I need to edit something?
  2. I kept them as charger and chargerless. I think I needed to add an entry in vehicles.meta to get it to spawn.
  3. I installed this and the skin and lights are all jacked up (see screenshot)...I tried installing into Albo's modding folder, but also tried patchday19. ELS xml file is placed in the pack_default directory. Am I supposed to edit any files (carvarations, vehicles, etc)?
  4. Crashes when trying to use with latest GTA, RPH, LSPDFR, etc. (as of 8/3/18) I walk up to a cop ped, hold G, we say "hi", and press G to confirm. LSPDFR crashes upon pressing the confirmation 'G' [Edit: also crashes upon selecting a partner from "create partner"..... K9 partner does work, however.]
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