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    ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich und würde mich freuen wen ich mal wieder ein Problem haben sollte das ich dann einfach schreiben kann
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    RAGE Plugin Hook is unable to launch the game, due to an error from ScriptHookV. ScriptHookV is a dependency unrelated to RAGE Plugin Hook and is needed by some mods. It appears that the installed version of ScriptHookV does not support the currently installed game version. If a new game patch has just been released for the game, ScriptHookV may not have been updated to support this version yet. You'll need to either wait for ScriptHookV to be updated, or temporarily disable it (and thus any mods relying on it) until it's been updated. Disabling ScriptHookV will disable the following ASI mods (and anything depending on them): Lua Plugin by Headscript Native Trainer Script Hook V Dot Net The text below is the error thrown by ScriptHookV: FATAL: Unknown game version, check http://dev-c.com for updates was kann ich tun um das zu beheben ich bin zuzeit rahtlos
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