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  1. Corey Tuttle

    (Texture) FHP 15 Slicktop Charger

    Yes @Exemplification Please click view credits the you will see the link
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Skin Creator: Corey Tuttle Vehicle Model Creator: Gump Type Of Vehicle: Slicktop 15 Chrager State Or City Department Based Off Of: Florida Highway Patrol Please enjoy this skin and make sure to leave a positive comment down below to show support!!!! Also, please give me more ideas about what type of skins you guys want me to do. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE NEGATIVE COMMENTS OR HATE COMMENTS DOWN BELOW!!!!!!!!
  3. Corey Tuttle

    PS Livery For Chevy Tahoe (STATE POLICE)

    If You Like It Please Give It A Thumbs Up!!!!