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  1. Hmmm, So another thing, I've installed the lspdfr via the automatic install, and for some reason, after updating the game version via ragepluginhook's latest patch, I've been trying to connect to the game via the ragepluginhook.exe file, and it seems to be working just fine, however ingame, it doesn't show me anything that has to do with the lspdfr version, and when i load the game, it doesn't let me get the F4 button, Where have i gone wrong?
  2. I see man, thank you very much for your assistance.
  3. Hey guys, Thank you for the quick response, However, i understand and know that the game mod "Lspdfr", Will be capable of working, However, How would other mods such as: Trainer, Work without it? Is there any other mods that can work without the mod itself?
  4. Hello fellow members, I recently got a new computer home, and since then i just recently downloaded grand theft auto, and wanted to start getting ahead with the mods for the lspdfr, so anyway, first thing's first, you need to get script hook v, and that's where i got stuck, which is sad, Cause usually i interfere with other bugs way ahead, when it comes down to editing cars and so on, but for some reason, I did download the most recent Scripthook V, from the site: dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ And the last update that was written there was on the December of 2018, And everytime, i try to start the gta game, it starts giving me the error that i uploaded to the page, if anyone could assist me, I would really appreciate it, thank you in advance
  5. Really appreciate your helped, that fixed the issue, Thank you.
  6. Hello there, I recently downloaded the lspdfr, No bugs that i really have encoured with, except for the main one that when i press the F4 button, The game sort of crashes, up until i press F4 again, to unfreeze, and no menu or console pop up. What could it be? How can i fix it? What kind of file could i be missing?
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