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    I love the Chevy van, it's the main/only reason I downloaded the pack, but I have a small question. Where do I get the AMR skins for the van?
  1. Well, at this point, I kinda need a non els version, cause my ELS, despite being installed correctly, is only loading 8 out of 14 VCF's, and ignores the other 6 entirely, not even attempting to read the files, even though they're all in the same folder. Sadly, the ambulance is one of the vehicles failing to load. Any ideas?
  2. Is there a way to increase the amount of VCF's ELS can load in one game session? Cause looking at the els.log file, it appears to only load some of them, and never attempts to load the rest. Any fixes to this? (log file included in post) ELS.log
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