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  1. 1mawriss

    Modding DLC Pack V

    Yes, it does. Just follow Albo's installation instructions or video tutorial and you're good to go.
  2. 1mawriss

    Modding DLC Pack V

    Do I have to reinstall this dlc pack? I am in no way an expert in modding, only through tutorials on youtube. I installed this pack before GTA's 1365 update (on 1290), and it worked perfectly. Installed several police add-on cars and that was it. Once GTA updated to 1365, all I did was get a new gameconfig from F7YO, and the game worked fine without crashing; but now, all my add-on cars are unavailable. In OpenIV, I can see that modding dlc is still installed with my add-on car files still there, but using the trainer, they are unavailable. Slots are disabled. How do I fix this?