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  1. @panoszafdo you think you'd be able to add a second livery for all cars to make them look like Sheriff cars?
  2. LolloAntoni28

    EUP LAPD/LSPD Modern Folding Visor Motorcycle Helmet

    Which motorcicle did you use in the pic?
  3. LolloAntoni28

    EUP Vest Skins

    ok, gonna check them out
  4. LolloAntoni28

    EUP Vest Skins

    Are you thinking about adding them?
  5. Is there a known way to fix the bug mentioned at the top of the page? It's really anoying!
  6. Ok, I don't now how, but I'll try
  7. Great cars, but why are the FPIU and the FPIS on the same car slot?
  8. LolloAntoni28

    EUP Replacement Belt & Holsters V1.0

    I tied the textur thing for the holster but has only one texture, remains black olsow when I don't have my gun drawn Fixed: I installed it wrong