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  1. Deputy Carnes

    Small BCSO Pack(lore friendly)

    Version 1.0.0


    Please feel free to message me on here or please join @East Coast Design 's Discord and ask for requests! https://discord.gg/gFzCWY Thanks for looking! DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE. For the charger- For the Tahoe-
  2. Deputy Carnes

    Madison Police Department

    Cut him a break. We all have to start somewhere to get to be where we want to, honestly this was my first skin and look where i am at now. it just takes practice. I can understand constructive critisism, but the hurtful comments saying "you created that trash NYPD...." Is just insulting.
  3. Deputy Carnes

    Dwardo225's weapons Rate of fire

    will this work in fivem?
  4. Deputy Carnes

    TQCallouts by TakenQ

    Yes, This would most likely be more appealing if we knew what kinda callout we were getting.
  5. Deputy Carnes

    Blaine County Sheriff's (Black and Gold Pack)

    Bro, Add an F350 in there and this pack is Golden(no pun intended)
  6. Deputy Carnes

    Alameda Styled Blaine County Livery 2013 Ford F350

    I'm a sheriff deputy in DOJ. and i absolutely love Alameda County cars ever since i started playing there. Great work.
  7. Deputy Carnes

    Maine State Police Crown Vic Texture

    @AustinsTextures If you would like help in how to make quality skins. I'll offer you my help for no charge. Message me if you're interested.
  8. Deputy Carnes


    they look nice, but i dont think you quite understand what a ghost livery is...
  9. Deputy Carnes

    South Dakota Based Pack-4K

    Version 1.0.0


    Special Thanks to https://www.lcpdfr.com/profile/43388-tailg8r85/ for giving me the request to make these skins, i know they aren't 100% right, but i hope yall enjoy them for what they are! Pack used( Caprice, Tahoe, Charger pursuit(the police4 one)) DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR UPLOAD TO ANOTHER SITE Please leave a comment on what you like and dislike and PM me with requests! Thanks for looking!
  10. Deputy Carnes

    SASP Explorer livery 4K

    Version 1.0.0


    The Explorer it goes on has a legacy lightbar (the best lightbar)
  11. Deputy Carnes

    BCSO 4K 2016 charger

    Version 1.0.0


    do not redistribute and claim as your own.
  12. Deputy Carnes

    4K Liveries

    Thank you!
  13. Deputy Carnes

    4K Liveries

    I've made myself aware how to make liveries in an of themselves. but I want to further that by making them 4K. Anyone have any idea on how i can start to do that?
  14. Deputy Carnes

    4K-Montcalm County MI based BCSO pack

  15. Version 1.0.1


    So, I wanted to do what most people haven't, These cars are based off my hometown, and for the small percentage of people who maybe live close to me, i hope you really find this interesting! These have made me so happy to put into my game, it feels like im driving around as a cop in my own city, it's a weird feeling for sure! Hope everyone else enjoys! PLEASE NOTE THE VEHICLE PACK HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE AUTHOR. SO IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THE PACK THAN GREAT! ENJOY, IF NOT IM VERY SORRY. IF ANYONE HAS AN IDEA FOR THEIR HOMETOWN, PM ME AND I CAN SEE WHAT I CAN DO TO MAKE ONE FOR YOUR TOWN! picture used for reference-https://gyazo.com/9e3c592988f9ab4db6478bd3c94eabea For the Explorer and taurus- Change names to sheriff-taurus and sheriff2-explorer do not redistribute and claim as your own.