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  1. Love this plugin and the upgrades you've done @BejoIjo I did notice something last night when I upgraded to this latest version. When I'm in pursuit and call for backup, the police cars spawn but don't move.. They all end up sitting in the middle of the road and do not help with the pursuit. I downgraded back to 4.1 and was able to get backup to pursue. I haven't installed any other plugin so I'm not sure if its a bug in your latest update or not!?
  2. 1Redneck

    "AdvancedHookV.asi" virus detected

    Same problem with advancedhookv.dll Tried to install but Kaspersky deleted the file saying it detected a Trojan.Win32.Cobalt.ar Happened last night while I was playing. I did dl ELS from this site so is it safe? Can I add it to my exclusions?