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  1. Good day y'all. I've been playing LSPDFR 0.4 the first week it came out. Around last week, I started having issues loading LSPDFR. It crashes when the "Loading LSPDFR" message appears at the bottom. Just an immediate crash to desktop. Around a few days ago, with these crashes, I'd have around a 10% chance of being able to load LSPDFR without it crashing. Recently though, I haven't been able to get it to run at all. I've been scouring the forums and the comments sections of different plugins to see if anyone has had a similar issue. I've come across a few people having the issue but no one seems to know what is causing it. Just some notes and stuff I've tried: - My OS language is not Turkish - Tried reinstalling LSPDFR 0.4 xmls - Preloading is set to false - Disabled the "mods" folder (Vanilla GTA V) - Running GTA V without RPH has no issues Some observations I had: - The moment it makes that "ping" sound and crashes or simply freezes then exits to desktop, the page file on my disk drive gets instantly maxed out - A part of the error message in the log is written backwards One of the plugin authors I conversed with said it may be the game running out of memory or something installed in the OpenIV mods folder but I can't say for sure. I'm wondering if the LSPDFR devs can give some insight as to what may be causing it. That would be greatly appreciated. Attached below is my RPH log, I got countless more of these logs ending with the same error. UPDATE: This is somewhat of a workaround but can probably be a solution. I just went into the RPH settings and only set it to load LSPDFR. Once LSPDFR loads, I just type ReloadAllPlugins. Game froze for a good 30 seconds while doing so because it's loading all my plugins but it seems to work. RagePluginHook.log
  2. So I just tried to run it with the default vanilla XMLs, it still crashes with the same error unfortunately. LSPDFR was working well a week ago, so I'm pretty puzzled as to what's causing this.
  3. Ah dang. I was hoping I could use your XMLs. Hahaha. When the game would actually load (which is 10% of the time), everything appeared and spawned correctly. I'll try reverting to the defaults I guess and I'll update you. I'll admit, my setup is a little crazy in the XML. agency.xml
  4. I seem to be having a similar issue to what @Unit 21 is describing. A system access violation exception right at the same time he gets the error as well. I've checked the syntax on the XML and other possible typos or errors, but I can't seem to find anything. I've also tried replacing the default LSPDFR xmls. Preloading is off as well. Still doesn't work. Has anyone been able to find a fix for this? RagePluginHook.log
  5. I just got this random crash out of nowhere. I was just browsing through the citations then it suddenly crashed. Can't figure out what happened though just by reading the log. Maybe you can give some insight? @Phaxol RagePluginHook.log
  6. I can confirm that I have the exact same error as well. I haven't been able to pin down what's causing it. Mine seems to also crash right after the line: "LSPD First Response: [TRACE] Thread AmbientBlips #1 initialized" Sometimes I am able to load LSPDFR without it crashing. Seems like there's a 50:50 chance of it crashing everytime I load LSPDFR. Does your LSPDFR load sometimes, and crashes during other times? And also, what RPH plugins do you have?
  7. Thanks for the response. I actually haven't tried using the new version you uploaded today. I'll try it first, then the recommended actions you listed above. I'll update you once it helps. Thanks. :)
  8. Ultimate Backup seems to crash when I call in for Local Backup during a pursuit. I haven't really tested calling in for backup for other events but I've tried calling Code 3 backup (not pursuit) and it seems to work fine. It only crashes my entire LSPDFR when calling in pursuit backup. Can't figure out what's causing it from just reading the RPH log. Would appreciate some insight if there is any. Attached below is the RPH log along with the three XML files. I'll admit, my setup is a little crazy. Haha. I've checked the XML file again, I don't think I did anything wrong at least from my point of view. Thanks. RagePluginHook.log CustomRegions.xml DefaultRegions.xml SpecialUnits.xml
  9. ScriptHook will require an update every time GTA V is updated and so does RageHook. Annoying but inevitable. I just got the update as well. You can use RageHook to access your previous version of the game which you backed up (I hope you did) and downgrade it. Here's a comprehensive guide from Albo1125 on how to go about this situation. It's a bit annoying to do but you will have to do this while the devs are updating RageHook and ScriptHook:
    This guy creates really cool, and at the same time, essential mods. Awesome mod. I highly recommend it. It considerably enhances the LSPDFR experience. Only thing I'd recommend (for this current version as of this writing) is being able to define the livery numbers not only for the police transporter (POLICET) but also for individual units as well, or probably better would be Custom Backup support for the Prisoner Transport System in Stop The Ped.
  10. Well, if you only have LSPDFR and GTA V without any additional plugins, GTA V comes first then LSPDFR since you require the base game in the first place.
  11. It'll probably work. If this is only LSPDFR and GTA V, there's less chances of something going wrong.
  12. Hello. Welcome back to LSPDFR. We'll need your computer specs and a copy of the RagePluginHook log so we can figure out what's wrong. Have you tried taking a look at the RagePluginHook log? It usually tells us what happened right before the crash and what may have caused it.
  13. So it's been a while. I've been running LSPDFR without Computer+ for the past couple months. Just today, Computer+ update was released. It's performing quite exceptionally. It seems snappy when I check for peds and vehicles, unlike before where there's a split-second freeze, giving me the sense that it's going to crash. So far I have not stress-tested the new update, other than checking the same ped multiple times (which crashes previous versions of Computer+). You guys should try out the update and see how it goes for you. I'd highly recommend leaving reviews on the plugin page, and posting your experience with the new update here.
  14. Well, I'm back at square one. Computer+ still crashes Entity Persistence with the settings suggested above (PedPersistence=false, OnlyOnFoot=true), 16GB of RAM and a change of gameconfig. I'm completely stumped at this point. It seemed like it was working flawlessly for a few weeks.
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