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  1. Okay so i dont know if this is a problem on my end, but whenever i use StopThePed feature where i get them to get on the ground, my backup always seem to shoot the suspect as im about to cuff them. Any ideas why that might happen?
  2. Okay so i have now been trying to find out how to make the ped you play as walk with diffrent styles. I have gotten a screenshot and a video of some walking styles i would like to know how to acquire. Is there a way to get your character to hold the gun like he does in the pic? Video:
  3. Please do that. I would be soooo happy Thanks for the reply! Kind regards Officer Larsen
  4. I have made it like that and i have also written every single car name correctly, though it still just removes the car upon calling them. EDIT: INTRUDER,BLISTA,DILETTANTE,ISSI,PANTO,ORACLE,ORACLE2,SENTINEL,FELON,ASEA,ASTEROPE,PRIMO,INGOT,FUGITIVE,PREMIER,SCHAFTER,STANIER,SURGE,TAILGATER,WASHINGTON,CAVALCADE,CAVALCADE2,BALLER,BALLER2,HUNTLEY,MESA,GRESLEY,GRANGER,ROCOTO,SEMINOLE,SERRANO,DUBSTA,FUSSILADE,BUFFALO,STRATUM,VIGERO,STALLION this is the vehicles i use (ik long ass line) EDIT 2: I also tried to only have 2 cars (The Intruder and the Blista) and it still would'nt make them come pick it up. The car would again then straight up disappear. INTRUDER,BLISTA So this is where im wondering if it can only be one car or if it has to be written in some other way.
  5. Hey mah man! First off i'd like to say that i really fucking enjoy this plugin. Second of all. How does one add extra cars to the insurance vehicle list. Whenever i add vehicles it says something with "Cannot spawn vehicle with hash 0x................" Do i need to make a new line or does one like use commas or what does one do? Thank you again for the really awesome plugin
  6. Officer LarseN

    Unmarked/Slicktop Vehicle Pack by panos_zaf

    Theese cars look SO beautiful! I was just wondering if you could maybe add a 2013 fpiu? Would really love that!
  7. Officer LarseN

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    Why have you removed the impala?
  8. Officer LarseN

    Can't go unarmed

    Hello. So as i have been playing i have noticed for like 2-3 weeks now that i dont spawn with the fist in the weapon wheel (i know weird) does anyone know how to fix this or what might be causing it? its really fucking annoying as i always have to go to my trainer menu and then select a saved loadout to get the fist back into the weapon wheel. Thanks in advance
  9. Okay. The lights one i just couldnt seem to find. Probably me just not seeing them
  10. Pullover reasons No lights (Like front and back lights) When someone is drunk and they are all over the road. Basically sweaying all over the road.
  11. Officer LarseN

    Submarine Zero [Non-ELS]

    wtf is this xD
  12. Officer LarseN

    LSPD Mega Pack [ELS] (LAPD Based)

    I dont think you understand my question. I found out that if you press Alt + [ you get the alley lights to turn on, but they light up to both left and right. Is there some way to get it to like shine lets say to the left only?
  13. Officer LarseN

    LSPD Mega Pack [ELS] (LAPD Based)

    Okay so i just noticed that this pack has ALLEY LIGHTS IKR! So i was just wondering if you could somehow change the direction of which the alley lights, light up
  14. So as i said in my review, add more departments. Was just wondering if you were going to do so? Would be so super happy and stoked at the same time. EDIT: I see you have added a few new ones. Nice to see
    Looks fucking amazing dude! Nice job! Now we just need for the other departments WAW! IM FUCKING MINDBLOWN! THEESE ARE A MUST FUCKING HAVE!