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  1. I assume you're referring to Redneck's Chevy Silverado Storm Chaser Truck. This texture was made by Infectalite and I weeks before Redneck's release. Redneck wanted to use our texture as a template for his texture. I had never sent him our texture, it was done by his texture artist by eyesight. I believe Prodigy textured his truck for him. Same goes with the truck, Redneck liked the Storm Chaser vehicle concept and borrowed the equipment from Joshua Tanner to make the Silverado.
  2. Nooooooo! We'll miss ya', buddy. I was glad we got to work together and become friends. Thank you for all of your work and love for the modding community. Good luck with all of your future endeavors. Godspeed.
  3. @RangerZ You might wanna credit the original creator of the Whelen Edge. [@Wolf Senpai]
  4. Think ya' could do the Jetpack UV mapped? Thanks.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Sandy Shores Police Ped Texture. Currently in Version 1.0.0 Details. This is yet another addition to my Small Town Ped Pack, that being a Sandy Shores Police Department Ped. Unlike my Grapeseed Township Ped, I didn't have a vehicle pack/texture in mind when making this, however, I'm sure there are a lot of great ones out there to use with this ped. I wanna thank everyone for the great support on my Grapeseed Police Texture. Expect more to come! Many more plans. Improved LSPD Officer. FAQ Q: Do you take requests? A: It depends on my schedule, but yes. Q: Do you do car textures as well? A: Yes! Credits. Baud0412 - Improved LSPD Officer. EUP Team (For the belts, and textures.) This file was created by MickeyJD. Please don't reupload or redistribute this texture without my permission.
    Very nice! Lots of detail and great quality.
  6. Good idea, perhaps in the future. Definitely a plan for a Sandy Shores version, as well as a Paleto Bay one. In the future, for sure. I'm just focusing on non-EUP stuff for now.
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