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    Still use it and love it! cannot wait to see a LSSD style of LASD!!
  1. Try uninstall els and reinstalling. Do the same for vehicle files. Or if all else fails, reinstall gta 5. Or reinstall mods folder again etc.
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. Since ultimate backup was updated, all is good. Was due to requesting backup too quickly. Now that is fixed, everything is greatish.
  3. Hi, Everything works up until when I noticed when I request backup units via the Ultimate Backup Menu, there is an instant LSPDFR crash. It has occurred so far during any pursuit such as stolen police vehicle or random pursuits not initially associated with a callout. Basically I request backup and it causes LSPDFR to crash. LOG here:
    Been using this ever since with the Alameda County Sheriff inspired textures by Harrison90! Love it. Please make a FPIU and charger! That would be gold!!! I’m sticking with this for ever.
  4. Hey guys, It has gotten to the stage that first person patrolling is just a pain (particularly when driving in a vehicle). All the interior lights )computer, dashboard, radars, etc) are just so bright that it actually makes it really difficult to see where I am going. Does anyone know if there is a fix to this or do I have to go into the visual settings.dat and make manual changes?? This is really annoying! Much regards, Connor
  5. Thank you man so much for your assistance. My hats are looking like this.... but I don't really care as I can change it and use the default vanilla one... I'm assuming. Thank you again. Connor
  6. Thanks for that I saw it but didn’t know what it was for. I’ll install it now.
  7. I've got it installed @GrandTheftPD but the eup outfits still have green pants is that correct? and the LSPD from your Cranston pack don't have the blue lines on some of the uniforms... I'll look at reinstalling it again. The vanilla peds look fine - just the eup look funny.
  8. @PeterUI believe there’s a glitch with the clipboard. I used once during a traffic stop, and removed it to use give the ticket to the driver. Next traffic stop, I tried clicking on clipboard and it didn’t come back so I had to revert to the notepad.
  9. I’ve managed to semi fix the issue. Just increased this: EnvLtMultExtraLts_Siz = 1.3
  10. Could you also post your plugins folders and plugins LSPDFR folders (screenshots).
  11. Do you mean make them compatible with STP? that would be kinda cool!
  12. Hello, I am just experiencing one minor issue with my police,police2 and police3 slot where the front blue and red lights one on each side of the headlights and wig-wags are not casting reflections into the front surroundings. Here is a screenshot. As you can see on the bottom left of the CVPI, a red light but it is not casting reflections. I have also attached the links to my VCF and ELS config for you to check out and provide a resolution to this issue that I would love to fix. Regards Connor ELS Config (only): https://www.mediafire.com/file/75mbty51ofsbuj8/ELS%2CPolice%2CPolice2%2CPolice3_VCF.ini/file Police VCF: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xakccp796vdo9gk/police.xml/file Police2 VCF: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ecktcf96vj4jw47/police2.xml/file Police3 VCF: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ecktcf96vj4jw47/police3.xml/file
    Must have mod! Takes onboard suggestions and very frequent updates. Love it man - keep it up.
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