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  1. Commissioner Harris

    K9 Slicktops County Police

    Finally a K-9 fpiu that works
  2. Commissioner Harris

    Maine State Police K-9 Explorer Livery

    wait, huh??? "( Vehicle used in pic will be up for release soon in the near future stay tuned ) This skin is made for Bxbugs123 13 Explorer Base" Is this an indication or teaser or something?
  3. Commissioner Harris

    University Of Texas Police

    Version 1.0.0


    Logo was self designed based on the actual UTP CVPI's I don't plan to make any future skins based on this I legit was just bored and wanted something to pass the time It's designed to work for Bxbugs123's CVPI's
  4. Rubs dirt from eyes double looks midmount
  5. Commissioner Harris

    Tractor Drawn Aerial (TDA) / Tiller Mini-Pack [ELS][VG+]

    Looks at tiller ~falls out of chair with eyes bugged out of head!
  6. Commissioner Harris

    2013 Blaine County Sheriff K-9 Tahoe(ELS)

    daymn now this is a Tahoe! what would it take for a regular slick-top patrol Tahoe in this style light pattern?
  7. Commissioner Harris

    Sandy Shores RCMP Detachment

    So..... is there a chance this works with FiveM?
  8. Commissioner Harris

    Connecticut State Trooper

    I really like your peds been using them for my community for texas DPS, was wondering if you ever considered doing some state game warden peds?
  9. Commissioner Harris


    I believe a ghosted/stealth car is designed to in turn be labeled a slicktop they are mainly are designed for traffic stops/traffic units due to how well they blend it and in some areas a unmarked patrol car cant perform traffic stops so it's the legal way to bend the rules
  10. Commissioner Harris

    Emmaus Police Department Pack

    99.999999% of all 13 tahoe's use the same template
  11. only issue now looking at is that I may have put the plates on in reverse form
  12. Commissioner Harris

    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Boat [ELS]

    Texas DPS/HP?
  13. Commissioner Harris

    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Boat [ELS]

    You take requests @TopCop72