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  1. MichalHa

    LSPDFR - GTA 5 SocialClub Edition

    I already have clean backup of the original game files. I've made it before I started to modify the game. So I just have to start the game from the backup file ?
  2. MichalHa

    LSPDFR - GTA 5 SocialClub Edition

    This is my GTA 5 Main Directory right now. LSPDFR fully works, but how can I play GTA 5 Online without ban or something like that. When I want to play LSPD FR Iam gonna launch it trough RagePlugin Hook, and when I want to play Online, what should I do ? Thanks guys for help T
  3. Hi I just install the GTA 5 Social Club Edition and I don't know how to install LSPDFR at this NO Steam platform. Can you help me ? What do I need ? Rageplugin, .. or something else. Thanks for help.