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  1. Version 1.1


    Greetings all! I present to you a project which will be carried out through all different types of departments within Los Santos and San Andreas. The pack will contain mainly fictional vehicle graphics, however, some graphics for some services will be inspired by real-life counterparts. This pack will branch out to everything possible, from a park ranger to mall security. If you have any suggestions upon what can be improved or you'd like to see added in the future. Feel free to drop a comment! Special thanks are given to @Jedahdiah and @Slendis for their amazing hard work which they put into these vehicle packs! Contributors; - @MetaGed - LSPD, BCSO Liveries - @VauxSkins - SASP Liveries What the pack contains so far; - Los Santos Police (Supervisor Skins) - San Andreas State Police - Blaine County Sheriff's Office (K-9 Unit) Future Ideas; - Security - Blaine Country Park Rangers - Park Services - More SASP/HP Vehicles Used;
  2. VauxSkins

    Blaine County Police Department Pack [ELS]

    @J.J Designs even if WinRAR is still installed on your PC, install it again to overwrite the old. This works for me when I get an error at times when I try to drag files to either my desktop or to OpenIV.
  3. VauxSkins

    Blaine County Sheriff Skin Pack (Fictional) #2

    @Brady123 Nevermind, it was just updated!
  4. VauxSkins

    Blaine County Sheriff Skin Pack (Fictional) #2

    Apologies @Cavasi (all) I'll add it in now, I didn't realise! Thanks! The Ford Interceptor Utility has a red interior as its a K-9 unit, that's how East Coast Design made it.
  5. Version


    Hello there, another set of vehicles from another pack with the same Blaine County livery! Installation instructions within the "READ ME" along with the link to the vehicle pack! Requested by @Giordano to make and place the livery on a fantastic vehicle pack made by @East Coast Design. Credits; - East Coast Design - Vehicle Pack - VauxSkins - Liveries
  6. VauxSkins

    Blaine County Sheriff Skin Pack (Fictional)

    @Giordano Yeah sure I'll get to work on them as soon as possible!
  7. Version


    Presenting a Blaine County Sheriff reskin for the State Police pack by Officer Wade. Installation instructions within the "READ ME" along with the link to the vehicle pack! I will update the skins to fit SUVs when Officer Wade releases them within the pack! Credits; - Officer Wade - Vehicle Pack - VauxSkins - Liveries
  8. VauxSkins

    Los Santos Coroner Van 4K (Fictional)

    I'll place a direct link:
  9. Version


    Bringing another coroner skin to Los Santos. This skin is just made up, doesn't have a real-life counterpart. Installation instructions within the "READ ME" along with the link to the vehicle! Credits; - PimDSLR - Vehicle model - VauxSkins - Livery
  10. Version


    Tired of seeing the plain old white coroner van turning up on scene to take the deceased away? Well not anymore, with this Speedo van with an all-new Lake County inspired livery. I will look into doing other coroner liveries for Speedos or GMCs with lightbars! Installation instructions within the "READ ME" along with the link to the vehicle! Credits; - TheF3nt0n - Vehicle model - VauxSkins - Livery
  11. VauxSkins

    Possible ELS bug

    The image may not show it properly but I've tried messing around with the weather so the so-called "bug" I'm having can be seen better. The reason I have these specific vehicles out is that these are the vehicles that all have the same issue with this weird ELS bug with the wig wags as it turns on one headlight for one side as you would have them on in the dark. For example, I press J to turn on the main lights etc and then the headlights come on for just the left side which I find a little strange and messes up the wig wag for that light. This does happen for the tail lights as well, but the other way around from the wig wags, one tail light will come on when ELS is enabled in the dark hours of the game. If anyone knows what this weird bug or issue is, please comment down as soon as possible! Thanks in advance!
  12. VauxSkins

    Traffic Stop Backup Issue

    The last and final issue I'm having now is with LSPDFR+ or something relating to it. I'll arrest someone and go through the police computer and finish the arrest report to find an error coming up "LSPDFR+ courtcases.xml error" something along the lines of that. If anyone can help, that'll be most appreciated!
  13. VauxSkins

    Traffic Stop Backup Issue

    Thanks! Do you or anyone else know what the file name is for the last siren in the audio for the sirens, when pressing the 4 key an American siren comes from somewhere?
  14. VauxSkins

    Traffic Stop Backup Issue

    When I respond to this callout from Assorted Callouts, I attend to the stop as normal to speak to the officer etc. Then out of nowhere a random ped that you would find walking around on the streets comes out of the vehicle instead of a police officer ped, as shown in the screenshot below. SCREENSHOT I've taken all the plugins out and have put them all back in to try and find out which plugin could be causing this issue. It's only this callout that has the issue.