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  1. JoelC

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    Its probably because the mod folder gets to big I and many others have this problem and so far many people have had to resolve the issue of removing one of the two. The error file 1 pack error for me occurs when the mods folder contains to much, it maybe that not everything is being deleted when you remove the mods folder for a reinstall of RDE, that my belief I hope this helps.
  2. JoelC

    Whelen Liberty

    Anyone know howto make the glass transparent?
  3. JoelC

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    When that happens to me it tends to be because i have to many mods in my mod folder so the game knows that it shouldn't be there. Make sure you install RDE in an empty mod folder. Hope this helps.
  4. JoelC

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    rde comes with a game config any other game config jeopardises the operation of this mod just ensure your mod folder is empty before installing rde
  5. have you downloaded and installed the previous version with the ini folder as well as the newer download with the dll file
  6. JoelC

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    Additionally ssr meaning six star response can be deactivated using ctrl f9 when you are operating lspdfr dont worry about that message though it is only there to warn you of possible problems i have left ssr on when in lspdfr with not problems occurring you can also toggle the features of rde using the + button as default on your numpad hope this helps
    Good plugin, only problem is that any of the key bindings crashes my game.
  7. JoelC

    Crash on startup while using RDE & EUP 7.5

    i have the same error, i did manage to fix it before by installing them in a certain order but it seems to not work now.
  8. Hey, I was wondering if it is permitted to upload someone else's mods and textures, that they had removed, but also clearly stating who's work it was. I have seen some people wanting a vehicle texture pack that the author had removed and the authors account no longer exists. The pack is pretty amazing and deserves recognition.. Thanks Joel.
  9. nope the only way is with non els vehicles that is what I have done most of my police cars are els apart from my highway cars so they can have the siren that the highway cars get from rde, until they crack the audio strings you cant change a few police vehicle sirens only all of the vehicle sirens
  10. JoelC

    Downloads Coming Corrupt ?

    Result, it is working for me now, thanks.
  11. JoelC

    Downloads Coming Corrupt ?

    i have a similar problem when downloading it says file incomplete and if i let it resume the file is missing most of the content