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    This is by far the best vehicle to hit my pc! Absolutely amazing work, this is the only vehicle I drive when I go on patrol as it looks amazing lowered and with all the extra modifications and customization you can do to it. No matter if it’s Blacked out or a white paint job this thing makes everyone drool when I drive by. I really appreciate your work and time you put in to making this beautiful truck so people like me can enjoy them, so much so that I’ll be sending donations your way!
  1. I did this and it worked! Thanks! I can load the game and play, But now my cars arnt in my trainer when I go to vehicle spawner and spawn by added vehicles there’s and list of a bunch of cars and planes and a blimp but my police6 and police7 which is what my Tahoe and crown Vic is under is not showing up in the list. When I go to openIV and go to where my cars are, they are there and I can click on them and they will show me the Tahoe and crown Vic but won’t load in game. Any idea what could be wrong? Thanks in advance for the help I’m puzzled as to why they show up in openIV and not in game, it was working before the update.
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