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  1. theres a tutorial on how to install vehicles, if ya dont know how then ya should look into what ya have to do and get common knowledge on how to do it. i cant tell you where you need to install it as not everyone uses same install method.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    2014 dodge charger, Oklahoma State troopers skin. built it a while back decided id share it with the community. enjoy
  3. Version 1.0.0


    2016 FPIS Oklahoma City setup, replaces vanilla police3. Nothing much else to say. If ya dunno how to install it then refer to albos modding tutorials on youtube.
  4. just uses the vanilla firetruk meta, nothin fancy, just make sure to install VG+ and the meta or it in the download so you dont have any issues getting the ladder to work
  5. you should be able to, but vehicle gadgets doesnt currently work on fiveM so the ladder wont work
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Pierce Impel Teleboom with a 55 foot ladder, ladder moves with vehicle gadgets+ *required hood and trunk, when open reveal paramedic cabinets
  7. I haven't released my non els pack so not sure what your talking about. As far as changing the boats appearance, you'll need to get the dev version and know how to use zmodeler3.
  8. just change the draw distance to 500 on all of them in the vehicle.meta and your solid
  9. yes youll need to install a mods folder. Albo has a great playlist on youtube for how to do this. ill provide a link to it for you.
  10. need to them as add ons and make sure you have the latest config xml for unlimited add on cars
  11. ensure you have updated your gameconfig to the one that allows for unlimited addon cars, if you still cant figure it out let me know and ill direct you to my discord for further troubleshooting
  12. They are but momentarily are non functioning, one of the things that i hope have fixed here in the near future.
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