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  1. Darkheart

    Police Bike not working

    Glad to see you have it fixed, just woundering what bike was it you was using... could you link it please *peace out* @pav500, do you still have a discord for supprt and help, your link on here is not working "could understand you stopping it i have had alot of trolls"- COuld you PM a link for me, i have had some issuses gettings some bits working..could do with some direct help rathing than trying to explain all via a post-- and not hi-jacking this thread. thanks *peace*
  2. Hi there, I have loaded this, seems to work. but its a bit buggy. can i ask do you intend to update this. would you consider allowing someone to fix some of the bugs? I have limited code exp but have already fixed 2-3 issuses for my self only.. but with permission i would be happy to make a update for this, or even send you the update to make a fix on here.- i am not asking to take over you mod.. its yours. just fix some stuff to make it work again *last update broke alot of callouts* *peace out*.. on discord@dark#5372 if you wanna contact me, tho i will get PM's i will not reply as quick.
  3. Darkheart

    Georgia Styled - San Andreas State Police Pack

    5/5 I am loving this, my son who also plays with me *wont let him play story gta so have a child say version for him..* thinks its "super awrsom and uber cool" (his words- his 6) I would recommend maybe some Deatils intructions for people not used to options while installing cars, took me a few mins to get my head around the car files system. but seems to be working ok, so thank you!
  4. Darkheart

    Police Bike not working

    Hi there, I am no Expert within LSPDFR, but I would have to ask are you on duty, because i have found after LSPDFR crash my Car will lock me out. in addition since installing mods to computer+ i have had lockups next to cars preventing from moving untill i reloaded all plugins and forceduty again. -- I would be suprised if im right, but i figured i would pass on my VERY limited knowledge PS: police cars lock with trafficpolice by alibo i beleave, not had my cruser stolen since i installed it, but agian when not on duty, i have to steal it, or sometimes will be locked out till back on duty, and on at least 2 times, i have been locked out even after forcing duty.. so consider .. *peace out*