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  1. I am having a pretty huge issue that i cannot seem to figure out. I am making skins and they are not matching up on the vehicles at all and its the same year vehicle but for some reason its ok on the driver side door but the rest is all over the place. Can anyone help me out because im really trying hard to figure this out but i cant for some reason.
  2. Your truly a huge help in this forum i have no idea what i would do man thank you so much !!!!!! drag and drop into main gta folder right?
  3. blinkers on the car, but im having huge issues with it
  4. Copy, thanks man. I have another question. what do i do with brake lights version? should i just go into the gta folder and delete what i added?
  5. Im having an issue using the blinkers. how do i get them to work with my left and right button and not have to use a command key? They work sometimes and then they stop working and i hate having to use x as my command key to use as well as the L and R buttons. someone please help me with this dilemma :(
  6. im having a huge issue adding these packs and vehicles to the game. i have gotten as far as the open iv and adding into the mod folder but then after taht i have no idea what gamexml file im loading in there
  7. ahhh ok copy that . i will be looking into that now then. for some reason i installed that and then i noticed this trainer pop up and it covered my left side of the screen it was terrible
  8. yea i have been playing with no problems at all minus a few weird crashes but i believe those where my fault lol. i just logged off and im about to log back on again and get some practice in. i have no issues though at all. im not seeing the new scripthook in the gta mods area only in the link i have posted. i find that to be a bit delayed as of now.
  9. ok now i have no idea what im doing then haha. can anyone post a link of what i should be doing? also does anyone have teamviewer that can just do it for me ? that would be soooooo much easier bc im a person that once i see it done i can do it myself.
  10. sorry i dont know if this is in the right spot to ask this but i have no idea what i would need native. whatever it is for? im trying to familliarize myself with these things and its not that easy.
  11. try posting in support and post pictures if you can but i cant say that i had any issues at all.
  12. My prayers have been answered !!!!! Love is in the air !!! http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
  13. After I go on duty as everything is loaded under assorted callouts i get a message saying there is an update available 0.31 but i have no idea which that is referring to because when i check assorted callouts its up to date and there is no 0.31 update for it. can anyone help me in what update is available because im crazy confused on why this is happening. im trying to take screenshots but i have no idea how i can do that its not letting me with the regular screenshots with the computer.
  14. Now with the new update will i still be able to just grab any one? i have a later version of the gameconfig when i check i needed 1180 i believe and i dont see that gameconfig file out yet so im waiting on that too as well as the scripthookv before i can start adding new mods and such ?
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