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  1. Brady123

    Dutch Emergency Pack - Textures & Sirenes

    are these textures for els cars?
  2. Brady123

    [ELS] 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

    wow i love this i will have to try it out will you do a slick top?
  3. Brady123

    Blaine County Sheriff Skin Pack (Fictional) #2

    @VauxSkins where can i find these vehicles? and nice skins
  4. Brady123

    Minnetonka, MN Police Pack

    nice pack but where did you get that ped model
  5. Brady123

    Sandy Shores RCMP Detachment

    one more thing would you do more stations?
  6. Brady123

    Code3 Mastercom B siren

    will it be coming soon?
  7. Brady123

    Sandy Shores RCMP Detachment

    more pictures of the inside?
  8. Brady123

    Short Body Snow Plow

    Ok thanks :)
  9. Brady123

    Short Body Snow Plow

    wow i like this when i go to use the RCMP pack again i will add this to my game. is this based off something in Canada?
  10. Brady123

    Code3 Mastercom B siren

    hey can you add a in game video
  11. Brady123

    Command Skin for Baud0412's PED

    more screen shots? and maybe better ones?
  12. Brady123

    San Andreas State Police pack

    can you make a unmarked van like the one in this pack? and nice pack btw
  13. yes there is a other hat just rename the jacket ped ped prop file to what ever the other ped is. that worked for me message me if you don't understand
    nice peds always wanted to use these will we see any armed response peds or plain clothes peds