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    Very good quality siren!! I'm loving the priority tone! Excellent job!
  1. I love your els sounds for activating your lights! how did you do that?
    Works really well and sounds amazing! It's the small things that make this game better.
    Love these vehicles! Especially the FPIU. The lighting setup is A+ material and similar to LAPD witch I love! Here's a video showcasing the FPIU.
  2. it was from a specific callout. But I just re-installed it and it works like a charm! Probably just my game.
    Myyyy God... With this new update, I'm loving these callouts more than ever! They add some realism but also just the right amount of fun and action! Good Job! Keep up the hard work!
  3. Every time I accept a callout my game freezes and I loose all audio in the game except dispatch and ELS button sounds when activating lights/sirens. Don't know if this a reoccurring issue with anyone else.
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