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  1. jouseep

    ELS not working

    I downloaded a ELS enabled pack and the thing that ELS works only on one car. On all the others it doesn't work. Can't even bring up the UI. If I turn on the siren and lights with the horn then only the break lights start blinking and I can hear the siren but anything else doesn't blink or do anything. But the primary light bar looks weird. Like some part of it works but it doesn't blink. It just stays like that (pic related).
  2. jouseep

    LSPDFR crashes when going on-duty

    Hey, Thanks for the quick response. Everything works fine without the Radio. I guess something just went wrong there.
  3. So when I installed the PoliceSmartRadio and Traffic Policer and I wanted to go on-duty, then LSPDFR crashed. I had previously installed several plugins and it worked fine. I would really like these plugins to work because they make the game better and more realistic. Here's the RPH log: