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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This Pack is based off of Clearwater Police Department in Clearwater, Florida. Made it for a few of my buddies to use in a video a while back and just realized that I should release them. The car links for the templates I used will be in the readme. I hope you all enjoy them and I appreciate constructive criticism in advance! Thanks! This pack includes textures for: 1998 Crown Victoria (By Real Unlimited} 2016 FPIU (By POLICESCO) 2013 Tahoe (By Maurice97) DO NOT MODIFY, RE UPLOAD , RIP ANY OF MY WORK! Do not use it in any Five M servers with out my permission! Car modeler's, if you wanna use these liveries for your model screenshots, make sure you ask me first! Other than that, thanks for checking them out! Hope you enjoy them!
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    Let me know if anyone would like this texture or even a pack. This is my first skin, so take it easy on me. lol.
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