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  1. Pandas

    ELS issues

    Alright I got it fixed it was a vehicle meta issue,thanks for the help everyone.
  2. Pandas

    ELS issues

    I checked though what you said and it still does not work and yes the vehicles that I am using are els too.If you want me to I can link you the ones I used
  3. Pandas

    ELS issues

    So when I started up my game and spawn in a police car,turn on the light bars it doesn't light up. *NOT MY VIDEO* but I'm having the same issues as the video shows
  4. Pandas

    LSPD PACK (Pensacola Police Mock) [ELS]

    What siren? Pm please
  5. Pandas

    [4K] Blaine County Sheriff Texture Pack

    Hey @Captain A.Brandon I was wondering if you can this texture for a ford police interceptor sedan or a Chevy impala,Love the current pack and keep up the great work!! 
  6. Hey Taylor I just re downloaded the pack and I still don't see the slick vcf
    Love the pack! Great job Taylor!