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  1. Is it possible to remove the console lightbar inside the car?
  2. Can you make the lightbar with amber light function like traffic advisor? I have tried several times in emergencylights texture. However, the mod uses only two colors both front and rear, which is not individually. I prefer the front with blue, white and red, the rear with blue, red and amber traffic advisor. That would be better option! Thanks!
  3. No, I keep it original. I only changed carcols.ymt. I'm not sure it affects the functions though. It seems it's not "carvariations.meta" anymore. In the latest version, it is "carvariations.ymt" now, which is not editable with notepad or OpenIV. I also notice that the file size of carvariations in previous version is smaller, so I think the latest one must change something which affects vehicles with lightbars. I cannot figure out what changes in the latest one.
  4. Since the latest GTA version updated, my police lightbars partially don't work at correct places. I notice the update changes carvariations.ymt , visualsettings , carcols.ymt something like that, which makes some vehicles with lightbars work incorrectly. With previous version, they all worked fine. These vehicles are NON-ELS version. 1.The top lightbar doesn't fully blink, the grill lights and windshield ones as well. 2. These under windshield should blink forward outside, not inside 3. These under rear windshield, the left one should be red and the right one should be blue, the bumper ones are should work as the rear windshield Who can figure out the problems? Thanks for help!
  5. I found the update changed carvariations.meta to carvariations.ymt, which means any mods based on carvariations.meta will cause errors, so I have some functions not work with previous carvariations version.
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