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  1. Been lurking in the LSPDFR community for a while now. Taking breaks from GTA5 off and on for the last couple years. I am super pumped about this update and excited to see what the LSPDFR devs will bring to the table. They have always done some amazing work. Thanks for putting up with the community when we can sometimes forget that devs have lives as well :) Keep up the great work!
  2. Corz

    Dispatch not working

    Are there files under GTAV>lspdfr>Police Scanner?
    I absolutely love Police SmartRadio. Makes checking plates, peds and a whole lot of other hard to get to menus easier. I love the fact that all sorts of buttons can also be integrated into the radio making it a must have for LSPDFR. It also works amazing with Albo's other plugins. Keep up the great work!