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  1. somebody can me say-what is addon "tactics menu"(shift+q),say me please
    Good,but somebody can me say-what is addon "tactics menu"(shift+q),say me please..Thanks!
  2. Hmmmm,man,i haven`t it.I have only RPH_Readmy.txt if i search RPH.IF i search RagePluginHook i found only .exe...What`s wrong with my game?
  3. When i launch without RPH game is work,but RPH crash!Not game,RPH crash. That video.ERROR: A problem caused the program to stop running.close this program. Sorry that it`s video on Russian,just i`m emigrant. SOMEBODY,IF U CAN HELP ME,PLEASE DO IT!
  4. Hey,guys!I installed LCPDFR to my GTA4 and its crash,i understand that its scripthook.dll crash game,because when i deleted it all normal(anyway,mods not work).When i launch GTA4 i have a critical problems-just crash...On screenshot you are can see it(i understand that its on russian,but...) its crash... Translate:Stopped work program "Grand Theft Auto 4 EFLC". A problem caused the program to stop running.Close this program. This log AdvancedHookInit.log : Log started on: 14:42:19 6-2-2017 ------------------------ [INFO - 14:42:19] Failed to get game version! [INFO - 14:42:19] Shutting down... Another log scripthook.dll : Log start: Fri Jun 02 15:04:13 2017 ----------------------------------------------- [INFO] GTA IV Script Hook 0.5.1 - (C) 2009, Aru - Initialized [INFO] Process base address: 0x1360000 [INFO] Auto detecting game version [FATAL] Failed to detect game version Here write that game version,but i have licenses..What i must doing??
  5. Ok,i`ll trying do it.But i`m already trying delete all mods and save only RPH-anyway crash...But i `ll trying like you say.
  6. Yes,every time when i launch GTA5 with RPH...Anyway i`m has been trying more 30+ times
  7. when i launch GtaV with RPH(Rage Plugin Hook) i look at error-A problem caused the program to stop running.Close this program..And nothing more,even no error code to look at. I have license GTA5 and latest version RPH..When i launch GTA5 without RPH all normal,i can play. I just want play to the LCPDFR,guys,help me if are you can! (My engl perfect)
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