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  2. Just the good ol' simple trainer!
  3. Hello, So, recently when I install cars into my GTA V and get in game, use my trainer to spawn that car it doesn't spawn. For example I go spawn "sheriff" through my trainer, then at the bottom of my screen it says "sheriff spawned" although it does not spawn and then textures start popping in and out, anybody know why? Thanks!
  4. I completely understand this concept and it's pretty cool and all. But personally I don't think that it'll survive in the real police world. I don't see departments purchasing this although cool idea.
  5. I'm not real sure about the look of this, although I used to hate the 16 explorer when I first started seeing it and now I love them, and even the older ones (2013 or older). I'm trying to picture this as an FPIU and I'm not too sure. I'm sure i'll grow to like it though just like last time. Time will tell.
  6. I believe there is nothing available like this. I understand what you are looking for although I will keep looking for your sake. Supervisors generally will respond to higher priority callouts no matter what(such as a fight in progress or along those lines). Otherwise depending on what type of officer the supervisor is they will only respond to calls when a supervisor is requested meaning that patrol officers will take the call firsthand but then later on supervisors will show up if wanted/needed. Now a few callouts here that could possibly resemble that a supervisor that would respond to. LPCallouts - Now this callout plugin here has one particular call that is "Assistance Required" you are dispatched to a hit and run, you respond, officers and EMS will already be on seen. They need assistance in locating the suspects car involved by going to a few different addresses that dispatch has given you after running some plate numbers that was given to you by the victim. Code 3 Callouts - Now there are various callouts within this plugin, around 10. For your case in particular, one of them stick out for the "Supervisor" role you are looking for. This callout that I'm point out is the "Backup Required" on a domestic. Two officers have responded to the scene of a domestic disturbance, and they have requested another unit back the up…that’s you. Respond Code 2 to the scene, and assist your fellow officers with whatever they need. You might not have to do anything…or you may have to step i to protect a brother or sister in blue. This could be exactly what you are looking for, think of it this way. Two patrol officers are on a domestic and they need another unit, and that's you, the supervisor. Respond and provide your assistance as requested. MoreCallouts - Me personally I have never tried this pack of callouts but one sticks out, use this at your own discretion because I don't really know what it brings. Although one stuck out and it is the "Officer needs help" callout. This pack kind of looks interesting and I think I will give it a shot. Once again not sure what that call brings so give it a shot. I am still doing some research but this should give you an idea to start off. I will keep looking but as you know there are quite a few of callout plugins. Anyways, hope this helps!
  7. Anyone know of any good RP names? Drop em down below! Much appreciated
  8. Hello, Is anyone willing to re create this livery for a 2013 FPIS, and a 2015 Tahoe. 2013 Tahoe, and possibly a 2017 FPIU??? I have absolutely NO CLUE on how to create liveries or else I would try and give it a shot. I appreciate everyone taking a look at this in advance. Thanks. Here are some pics:
  9. I actually love you. Lmao I have been trying to find this vehicle sound and figure out how to change sounds literally for ever now. Thank you!
  10. Sooo recently, I've been looking on how exactly to add police cars instead of trying to replace them. I've installed 'Add-on' police packs that add more slots, but they always crash the game. Any suggestions and/or help? Any replies greatly appreciated
    Wow. This is a SEXY pack if I may say so myself. Great work, keep it up!
  11. I've been trying to learn the same thing. I have some vehicle sounds in but only for certain vehicles, and I want to replace more. Thanks! I'll try this out!
  12. Cars look great, I'll go ahead and do some research myself. I'll let you know. Also, yeah I feel that on your home town/city. I want to patrol in my own city liveries as well although I live in a relatively small city of approximately 30,000 people that most people do not know about lol
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