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  1. well... damn alrighty then well cheers anyways
  2. righty and how you go about fixing it then, im useless unless its a drag and drop situation if you dont mind helping me
  3. ah right, well take it there is still no solution still then that im aware of
  4. Ive seen on some other threads that "I encountered this today with one of my models...Found the culplrit to be a copy of chassis in the hierarchy. " - from flwpheonix what ever he means by that
  5. well.... i believe that x64 in root is where "RESIDENT.rpf" is, which is where the sirens and other audio sounds for gta are so if you add sirens for example a met police siren from a vehicle in london then they would mod that to make that more realistic
  6. i do the mods thing where you do the patch it just doesnt run while im running lspdfr which confuses me
  7. when i add any of Double Dopplers cars and then i add lspdfr then goto the root directory and run rage it just crashes for no reason and i dont know why, and i have seen many tutorials and tried to do what they do then try to run the game and it collapses on its self and crashes, can someone please help me im lost on what else i can do :)
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