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  1. Every Time I Install Computer+ It does not load in game and then also doesn't load any other plugins like Arrest Manager, Lspdfr+, And Traffic Policer so I don't know if one of them conflict with one another but I've installed computer+ without any other plugins and still did not work. Please Help
  2. I always seem to get a game crash when I load up lspdfr with computer+ I do not know why someone please help.
  3. I Don't have a "ELS VCF" config file tho?
  4. My ELS is only working on police1 slot all the cars I installed are ELS enabled but idk what too do Please Help me.
  5. Its only working for my police 1 slot all the cars a els enabled but it still wont work what do I do?
  6. where do I go to change the vcf
  7. Please help I downloaded els and els enabled cars but only police1 slot will work idk what to do. I'm not really good with mods but I know how install and run them. please help me!
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