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  1. Everything is working now, thank you very much mate. I just reinstalled the game and installed everything again.
  2. Hello again, yes my GTA is working just with LSPDFR and some callouts with vanilla cars and peds. And yes, I installed everything like you said, into GTA folder and into mods folder and update.rpf/common/data with OpenIV. My game is crashing when I use asi loader from OpenIV ASI manager, without it everything is working fine. I tried to use these car mods, new EUP and this uniform pack from Sam: This is everything I'm trying to use. Thank you very much for your help man.
  3. I downloaded everything from the links but it still not working. The game crashed in the loading process.
  4. Hello, I just installed a new 0.4 and I downloaded some car mods and created mods folder for them. When I try to open Ragepluginhook with asi loader and vehicle mods enabled it crashes when the game is loading. Without asi loader it works fine but vehicle mods are not working. What do I need to do to play with car mods? Thank you.
  5. Hello, yesterday I downloaded the update on GTA V steam version but I wanted to go in game so I tried to open Ragepluginhook but then this shows up: The current game version is not supported. Installed game version: 1365 Latest game version: 1493 Supported game versions: 1493 The installed game version (1365) is not supported. This build of RAGE Plugin Hook is made for version 1493. I think I have good version of my game installed so I don't know what to do.
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