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  1. @Macgregor @MooseYTY Hey guys, I was just wondering could one of you guys make a NSW Police Country Nissan Navara. I think that would be an awesome addition to the Australian LCPDFR Community. If you don't want to don't stress but as I said I think that would be awesome! Thanks, Oscar. BTW, Love you both!
    Love the car so much dude! I use the car as my main sheriff car and let me tell you its really nice. The only things you need to improve is the interior and the lights. Just like little things would make this car amazing. Great car man and im excited to see what else you come out with! Best of luck from Australia!
    It's definitely not realistic but non the less it is a very nice mod and I'm sure you worked very hard on it! Great mod if you like iPhones, xD
    Man tots to you, absolutely fantastic ped uniform. I'm Australian but I know for a fact those uniforms are really spot on. The only thing you need to work on/ improve would be the patches on the sleeves, But other then that great uniform!
  2. No worries man I hope your enjoying your new vehicle. This model is definetly one of the best! I wish you all the best
  3. Hey man you need to go to the latest DLC for it to work. \i put mine in patchday11ng and it worked fine xD Hope that helped!
  4. @MooseYTY Hey man first of all great car mod but one problem. My lights and sirens dont work, they are just the default they dont have the Aussie light pattern or ELS/ Custom siren. Can you please help me man! Thanks in advance :)
    Hands down my favorite Aussie car skin, Looks even better with the QLD Texture xD
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