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    Very Nice and Keep up the good work!
  1. alincristian

    Alaska State Trooper

    Very nice! Can you tell me where i put Tan Shirt option , please ?
    Super tare Modu! Tine-o tot asa !!!
  2. alincristian

    Pierce Arrow XT Platform Ladder [ELS] VG+

    Depends on what you use between police ,pranger or ems. ronprice46 maybe this help you:
  3. alincristian

    2018 Ford F150 Super Crew [ELS]

    Hello Guys! I have found good handling and tested myself for this type of car. I installed this even if i not have that car who replace Bison. I just downloaded this: https://ro.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-ford-f-150-lariat-supercrew-real-life-handling#comments_tab And i installed that two files handling meta and vehicles.meta. After this i enter in vehicle meta where is pranger and i put on handling bison. For me it works , i hope working for all of you guys. The same you have to do if you have a police car or ems. If you do like in image it works great.
  4. alincristian

    2018 Ford F150 Super Crew [ELS]

    Awesome Dude!
  5. alincristian

    Wilderness Callouts

    Awesome callouts! And by the way why when i press I for binoculars does not show up ? Thank you in advance!
    Nice pack! But can you make an update and add FPIU from the second video ? Because it isn't. The model from picture.
  6. alincristian

    EMS Mod

    Very nice mod! I like it much! But can fix the problem with partner please ? When i try to get partner it show me this.
  7. alincristian

    American Medical Response - Sprinter - Reskin

    The top lights on me do not work and I have installed all the dds files. Do you have a solution?
  8. alincristian

    [ELS] San Andreas State Troopers Pack

    That's Awesome Dude !!! Keep up the good work ;) Can you please make a pack with LAPD and LASD cars, please?
  9. alincristian

    LSPD Pack (Redmond) [ELS]

    What Police is FPIU ? 1,2,3 or 4 ? By the way , awesome pack ;)
    Nice textures! Can you make a pack with cars textured with this texture please ? Would be great :)
  10. alincristian

    Blaine County Sheriff Skin Pack

    Ok ,Thank you and Keep up the good work!