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  1. Yes, that way it work but not the get all weapons, but for now I don't mind the get all weapons. Just letting yall know thats all :)
  2. Game Crash This is an awesome mod but for some reason when I try to click on the get all weapon in my trainer mod it crash, please help. it work when I remove this mod but I really wanted this mod to work with the trainer.
  3. oh that's suks. Do you know how to manually lower the light down a bit, like the brigtness of it? It would be awesome if u could help
  4. What visual mods are you using?
  5. I don't know if this is a bug or not but somehow the back lights just disappear after playing for a while.
  6. The one with the tail light seem to be crashing at the loading screen. Don't know why.
  7. Well this work with the Redux Mod? It seem to be crashing for me.
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