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  1. I have a link to all applicable vehicles in the ReadMe.txt
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Hello! I made this pack based on my local Fire Department that I am currently a volunteer at, as well as the Sheriff, and decided to throw in a JSO skin i made for the city police. haha. All skins are made by myself, but models are credited in the ReadMe.txt within the .rar. Thank you for downloading, and please leave a review if you like or dislike so I can improve the pack. Thanks Again!!
  3. Hey Albo, i installed the heavy rescue fire truck mod with the standalone install, and after i modified the sirens in SirenMasterySetup.xml for the model, when i went into the game, the lights for the truck would come on, but none of the sirens work. the sirens for my original truck and ambulance and police cars work fine, but for some reason when i use this one, it does not work at all. and when i go to use the horn, the plugin crashes. please help!!
  4. this thing is amazing for a WIP. i would say suspension should be tuned a little to raise the rear. and either, if you can, shrink the front cab, or widen the rear box a little bit. my FD has an international truck like you are going for, and this is going to be an amazing mod if you stick with it. nice job so far OP!!
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