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  1. Interesting idea sir! I dont think we'll get new cars, but the ability to pick add ons from the garage is cool.
  2. *** YES!, THIS! *** I think you're starting to annoy the mods and we DON'T want this delayed! BEHAVE! You'll spoil this for the rest of us.
  3. I would just like to thank all who have chosen to comment, it has been a most entertaining distraction. (No animals were harmed in the making...)
  4. I run a fairly decent rig and get 80-90+ fps with medium-high settings, when I play LSPDFR I get 40-50, no sweat... last time I played everything was fine, it shut down normally and everything, and then I go to use it yesterday and the base game is at 19-25 fps?! HUH? Ok, maybe I screwed up, so I start pulling mods out, then I even made a fresh install overnight, still nothing. The highest I've seen was 40, but that was a brief second, I'm running low 20s now base game no mods, fresh install.... driver's are all updated, other games are still at 60+fps... any tips before I fresh install windows?
  5. Dude, you need to calm down! You totally misunderstood me, I meant that I THINK that they're 99% done with the 0.4 update! I don't expect anything either! I wouldn't mind paying for this mod, It was just hopeful thinking. RELAX bud.
  6. They seem to have LSPDFR finished or 99% finished...I figure they’ll wait and see if the new updates has any issues for their plugin, and then make sure Rage is ready to go before realeasing it and then rage doesn’t work cause of the update almost right away. LSPDFR (or at least Rage that it relies on) always goes down for a couple days after every update.
  7. Dying here! It's been two months! Why do you have to tease us so long! Here's to hoping they're just waiting for the final GT 5 DLC to work out any associated bugs....
  8. Possible new feature? After a shootout, I usually collect the weapons so they're not laying in the street, what if you made it so I could clear them from my inventory once I pressed the button near my trunk? I don't need to carry an MG around with me after taking it off a criminal lol. Just a thought. Thanks!
  9. Hello, a while ago you were kind enough to make a set of controls custom to my needs... I'm wondering if you could add one more thing... is it possible to remove the jump/climb (on foot) feature? Every time I pull up my radio to call a tow or something I climb onto the roof of the vehicle! Also, the pause menu... is that possible to remove? The set you made for me was set #4. Thanks!
  10. Question... everything was working fine, then I took out some of the more burdensome mods to up my FPS, and now I don't have the extra questions at a traffic stop... "like why are you driving on an expired license?". Those extra "smart" questions were generated by this mod correct? Any help would be great! Thanks!
  11. Is this the way the arrows are supposed to flash? Also, rotators spin fine, just seem dim. It's probably my fault... I have some mods to my visualsettings...
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