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  1. EUP Menu

    EUP Menu is a carefully-built menu for the popular Emergency Uniforms Pack modification.
    EUP Menu allows you to easily apply EUP clothing to your MP peds. It also includes a character creator exactly like GTA Online's character creation system. You can edit, save and even share your favourite characters. Making your own awesome police officer has never been easier.
    Don't like the predefined clothing options? The wardrobe feature has got your back. You can create and save your own outfits with ease.
    What's that? You don't want to make a new outfit just to change glasses? The accessories menu is perfect for you.
    Sunny day? Why not put on some shades.
    Hate your face? A mask solves everything.
    Sarge not giving you that promotion? Screw the system - promote yourself.
    Want to relive Die Hard? Throw on a vest and a helmet. It's time to kill some terrorists.
    The accessories menu allows you to do all that with just a few clicks. It also has some nifty camera action. I mean who doesn't like cameras, right?
    1) RAGE Plugin Hook 0.37+
    2) RAGENativeUI 1.6+
    3) EUP Law & Order 8.0
    4) (Optional but highly recommended) EUP Serve & Rescue 1.2
    1) Place RAGENativeUI.dll into your root GTAV folder (if you don't already have it).
    2) Extract the contents of Plugins in the archive into your GTAV Plugins folder.
    3) Open the RPH console in-game (default F4) and type "LoadPlugin EUPMenu.dll" (without quotations).
    Known bugs:
    - None.
    - @AlexBraun for the EUP character creation system
    - @alexguirre for RAGENativeUI and contributing code related to fetching all loaded RPF archives
    Want to see the full FAQ? Have a question? Need help? Menu not working?


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  2. LSPDFR Computer+

    Ever miss the LCPDFR computer? The one with the user-friendly realistic interface? LSPDFR Computer+ aims to bring that back.

    LSPDFR Computer+ is open-source! Check out the git.
    Looking for the Ped and Vehicle Images? Click Download,  select Additional_ComputerPlusImageAssets.zip and extract the contents to your root folder
    Ability to search for persons and vehicles without keys conflicting with other mods. Ability to request backup using a nice looking interface. Uses the LSPDFR API to get ped and vehicle information. Also includes info left out of the regular LSPDFR police computer, like times stopped, number of citations, and a vehicle's stolen status. Uses the Traffic Policer API (if it is installed) to also show a vehicle's insurance information. Search fields are automatically filled out with the subject's information during a traffic stop, so all you have to do is press a button! Dynamic backgrounds! Depending on which police vehicle you're in, you'll get a specialized department background. Comes with RDE support. Looks practically identical to the LCPDFR computer (in terms of the layout). Active Calls screen, which shows all callouts sent by Dispatch, even the ones that AI units respond to! (Must have participating callout plugins installed for this to work) Computer+ has its own API, for callout developers to use!! Computer+ will automatically add LSPDFR+ court case when you create an arrest report. (LSPDFR+ by @Albo1125 is required). Computer+ now have ability to create citation for stopped ped on foot. After stopping a ped (by holding E key) or using "Stop The Ped", you may open Computer+ and create a citation for the ped. Make sure you have the latest "CitationDefinitions.xml" in place which has a public citation category. After it's created, return to the ped and give the citation to the ped (default key: LControlKey + PgUp). You may open Computer+ as a tablet while on foot. (default key: LControlKey + NumPad0)  
    Place ComputerPlus.dll, ComputerPlus.ini and the ComputerPlus folder in Plugins\LSPDFR\.
    LSPDFR will automatically load Computer+ when you go on duty.
    While in a stationary police vehicle, hold E or the Right D-Pad button to bring up Computer+.
    If you open the ComputerPlus.ini file, you will notice a few things.
    You can change the username and/or password that is displayed on the login screen to anything you want.
    You can also adjust which backgrounds are shown for which vehicles.
    To give an additional police vehicle a background, simply add another entry in the format vehiclename:bgfile.jpg
    Keep an eye on the Computer+ Developers Wiki, over at -- https://github.com/PieRGud/ComputerPlus/wiki
    If callout developers need any help integrating their plugins, you can contact @BejoIjo, @ainesophaur or @PieRGud on the LSPDFR Developers Discord server (link is in the API forums)
    Additional Info
    Computer+ does not replace the default LSPDFR computer.
    So, if you don't always want to use Computer+ during your patrols, then you need not worry - the default computer is still there.
    Known Issues
    Your cursor is frozen in the middle or does not move Pause GTA (if you cannot, unload LSPDFR) Go to Settings Keyboard / Mouse Mouse Input Method Set to "Raw Input" Your cursor does not appear ... make sure the display resolution in game matches your windows display resolution. If the resolutions do not match, you will not see a mouse cursor If you have multiple monitors, make sure GTA's Graphic Settings have the same "Output Monitor" set as the same monitor set as your windows primary monitor. Example, if you have three monitors and your left monitor is your primary windows monitor, make sure GTA's Output Monitor is set to the left monitor -- if GTA isn't set to the same primary monitor as windows, you will not see a mouse GTA5 freezes / drops to 1fps while computer+ is open.. ...after you alt+tabbed out of the game.. If you plan to alt tab out of the game, play in windows boardless Try to untick the option to draw the background before leaving the game screen. Until there is a way to detect if the game has focus, this seems to be the only solution ...after you opened the Rage console Don't do that.. seems to be an issue with Rage's handling of form events and the console key presses ....after you pressed the escape key Don't do that... Rage forms do not like the escape key pressed multiple times  
    If you experience a bug, crash, or you just have a question/concern, please post in the Computer+ topic.
    If you would like to contribute to the project, feel free to fork the repo and open a Pull Requests. We work through feature branching and prefer to keep commits as scoped as possible (ie, not one large commit). If you have any questions, please contact @ainesophaur
    Many thanks to contributions from the following members:
    @BejoIjo, @Stealth22 and @Fiskey111
    !!!!! VERY IMPORTANT NOTES !!!!!
    If your game is crashing when opening ped or vehicle information window, please be informed that GTA V has very limited memory allocation for plugins which tends to crash your game when you have too many plugins installed. To prevent crashing, please try the followings:
    Download and install a good "gameconfig.xml" which might  increase memory space for plugins. We recommend the one created by "dilapidated" Reduce your mods and plugins by disabling them one by one until your game is stable => !!!! Especially reduce a few "RagePluginHook" plugins in "GTA V\Plugins\" folder !!!! If your game is still crashing, try to disable Computer+ components: Disable ped image by setting the flag in the .ini file (set DisplayPedImage=false) Disable vehicle image by setting the flag in the .ini file (set DisplayVehicleImage=false) Disable random history report generator in the .ini file (set RandomHistoryReport=false)


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  3. Cop Holster

    Cop Holster is an RPH plugin that adds some unique functionality to the police handgun holster. It removes the handgun from the holster if a pistol is a drawn. It also comes with intimidation mode -- a simple feature that allows you to put your hand on your holster. Cop Holster works with both the player and AI officers.
    Here's a neat little GFY showing it in action:
    RAGEPluginHook 0.23 or higher.
    Place CopHolster.dll and CopHolster.xml in your Plugins folder.
    When ingame, open the RPH console (default F4) and type LoadPlugin CopHolster.dll.
    Dynamic holsters for both the player an AI officers. Animations that automatically play when holstering and unholstering. Intimidation mode, a feature that allows you to put your hand on your holster. Toggle with Right Shift Key (keyboard) or Left DPad (controller). Highly configurable! Turn off animations, change keys, add new ped models for Cop Holster support, you name it.  
    Does this come with RDE support?
    The RDE Cop Holster config file is in the RDE 3.1 download.
    Does this come with EUP support?
    Yes. Cop Holster comes with support for EUP 7.5.
    How does Cop Holster work?
    All ped models in GTA have what are called drawables. They are pieces of clothing or equipment that can vary between instances of that model. Many of the default cop models have two holster drawables. One is empty, and one has a pistol. Cop Holster simply changes between those two drawables depending on if you have your pistol drawn or not to give the illusion that you are taking the pistol out of the holster.   

    I'm a ped model developer and would like to make my model work with Cop Holster. How would I go about doing that?
    See the readme in the download.
    If you experience a bug, crash, need help with installing or even just have a suggestion, post a comment below.
    Either myself or someone else will be more than happy to help you out!


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  4. Callout Manager

    Callout Manager gives you the ability to select LSPDFR-compatible callouts individually.
    Please note that this plugin scans through each callout plugin installed and finds any and all callouts in that plugin. Some callout authors may have left callouts that aren't intended to be triggered in their code. Thus, you may encounter some weird callout names or callouts that don't trigger at all.
    Also note that this mod uses a part of LSPDFR that isn't intended to be used. The LSPDFR developers can update their modification at any time and effectively patch the method used, rendering this plugin obsolete.
    Place CalloutManager.dll and CalloutManager.ini in /Plugins/LSPDFR/.
    Then while on duty, press F12 on your keyboard or RB and the Left DPad button on your controller.
    These toggles can be changed in the CalloutManager.ini.
    Q: There is only one default LSPDFR callout. What's up with that?
    A: LSPDFR defines every callout as a "Robbery" which is the only thing that will show up in the Callout Manager. When this callout is triggered in Callout Manager, it will randomly trigger one of the three default callouts LSPDFR has to offer.
    Q: Does this work for ____ callout plugin?
    A: Yes. This plugin will fetch the callouts from every callout plugin installed.
    If you have an issue with this plugin or have a question/suggestion, simply post a comment below.


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  5. 2013 FPIS Toronto Police Liveries

    These are some Toronto Police liveries for Captain14's 2013 FPIS. I have tried to make these as accurate as possible.
    You can find the FPIS in his LSPD pack: 
    This file contains two versions of the TPS livery:
     the original one  the new grey and white one
      I have also included the PSDs in the download. You can use them to do whatever you'd like.
    - Choose a style (grey or regular).
    - Replace taurus_sign_1 in /update/x64/dlcpacks/lspdpack/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles/lspdpack.rpf/police4.ytd.


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  6. Dashcam V

    Dashcam V is a RageHook plugin that simulates emergency vehicle dashcams used in real life.
    Note: An unfortunate downside to the method of centering the camera is that you cannot freely rotate it. In terms of immersion, however, it makes sense because most dashcams do not rotate. In light of this, the dashcam no longer replaces the first person vehicle view, so you can use it whenever you desire.
    - Grayscale filter: looks like the department's on a tight budget
    - Two layouts: a regular dashcam layout and a remake of Sniper296's IVDashCam layout
    - Remote view: view your vehicle's dashcam while on foot by pressing Ctrl + E or the Left Thumbstick + Left Shoulder
    - Dynamic unit numbers
    - Configurable settings: use the .ini file to adjust the following...
        - Unit number/name
        - Department name/colour/logo
        - Imperial/metric
        - Date format
        - Layout style
        - Remote view controls (both gamepad and keyboard)
        - Grayscale filter
    1. Download & install the latest RagePluginHook from http://ragepluginhook.net/Downloads.aspx if you haven't already.
    2. Pick a folder. If you like the vanilla agencies, pick lore-friendly. Otherwise, pick real agencies.
    3. Drag & drop "DashcamV.dll" and "DashcamV.ini" into the Plugins folder of your GTA V directory.
    4. Using OpenIV, place the logos.ytd in update\update.rpf\x64\textures\script_txds.rpf (use your mods folder if you have it).
    Find and open the file "startup.rphs". Once you open the file, start a new line and put the following...
    LoadPlugin "DashcamV.dll"
    This will make the modification automatically load when you start the game. If you do not want the modification to automatically load, launch the game and press F4. Once you see a panel, put in what you see above.
    Known Bugs
    - When entering a vehicle that you left on dashcam view, your view will reset


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  7. Peel Regional Police Uniforms

    Peel Regional Police Uniforms for Yard1's

    Download and install Yard1's models linked above.
    Make backups.
    Extract and replace contents of folder "m_y_cop" into m_y_cop.wtd in componentpeds.img.
    Extract and replace m_y_cop_p.wtd, m_y_cop_p.wdd into pedprops.img.

    I'll try my best to improve these uniforms based on feedback.



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  8. FBI Police Chevy Tahoe (ELS v8)

    As requested:
    - Tahoe wheels by Bxbugs123, textures by Lt.Caine
    - Car model from 4x4 Full Hummer: converted to GTAIV by Stiopa
    - Car model improved and modified by Bxbugs123
    - Original Code 3 RX2700 for GTA SA by Matthias, converted to GTA IV by WarDoG
    - Laptop by Bxbugs123 (Textures by Bxbugs123/DoTTGaMMa)
    - Setina The Bodyguard Partition by Bxbugs123, Shotgun by Grim
    - Whelen Slimlighter TIR6 by PFCBarefoot
    - Whelen Avenger dashlight by EVI
    - Low Poly Rhino Rambar by F5544, textures by Lt.Caine
    - Tahoe handling line by Sgt.Kanyo
    - Skin by PieRGud
    Installation instructions in readme.txt file.

    If you have any issues with this mod or want to provide some feedback, feel free to comment below. I'll try to respond to as many as I can.


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  9. Flashpoint Team One SRU Uniform [UPDATED]

    I understand that this has already been made. However, I found that the body armour on the other version wasn't buffed up enough like in the actual show. I liked the default SWAT armour that comes in GTA IV, so I just skined it to look like the SRU uniform from Flashpoint.
    If you want to check out the other version of the Flashpoint uniform (which is made by Yard1), you can check it out

    To install this, you need to have an IMG editor (like OpenIV or SparkIV).
    After you have download one, place the m_y_nhelipilot.wtd, m_y_nhelipilot.wdd,
    m_y_swat.wtd, and m_y_swat.wdd files into componentpeds.img.
    Place the m_y_nhelipilot_p.wtd, m_y_nhelipilot_p.wdd, m_y_swat_p.wtd, and m_y_swat_p.wdd
    files into pedprops.img.

    Also, if you are going to re-release these files for any reason just send me a message.

    Thanks and enjoy.


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