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  1. OfficerHeldreth

    Lspdfr status update

    Where do i use the interaction menu to update my status on LSPD:FR i forgot what plugin it is but basically "dispatch requests me to update my status using the interaction menu and if i don't respond.... It automatically assumes that i need backup and it requests backup please help me find out what plugin it is and how to update my status
  2. OfficerHeldreth

    LSPDFR Crashing

    Hey guys! i fixed my problem with installing updated mods like check lspdfr and find the new updated plugins and use those
  3. OfficerHeldreth

    LSPDFR Crashing

    here are my log files: RagePluginHook_11062016_093940.log RagePluginHook_11062016_092947.log ScriptHookV.log OpenIV.log RagePluginHook.log AdvancedHook.log asiloader.log RagePluginHook_11062016_093940.log RagePluginHook_11062016_092947.log
  4. OfficerHeldreth

    LSPDFR Crashing

    Hello, i have been recently after the new update for gta 5 and ragehook that i have been having an issue like whenever i go on duty like if i goto police station and go on duty, it loads perfect but when i get out and i spawn in my car, the LSPD:FR plugin crashes and it happens everytime. i would appreciate if i could get this problem solved as fast as possible. Thanks for any help! and yes i have the latest scripthook and Ragehook. :)