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  1. So every time I run Ragehook I get this error Ragehook ERROR: GTA V Closed Unexpectedly . I've restarted my PC and still getting same issue, I've disabled anti-virus too, tried running ragehook at the start menu and then it crashes. I have the newest ragehook and scripthook too! Any help?
  2. Hmm I'll check but I have the settings on the very lowest with it on fullscreen to see if the frame rate would increase but it hasn't. It plays up after a few callouts. Also, I have custom vehicles such as the police lambo and police chevrolet could that be causing the problem?
  3. I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Graphics Card
  4. https://gyazo.com/43eb32ac154a74b83ca35f2db14418d7 https://gyazo.com/4f8b464f9b40fb99dbc095d3949212cf Thanks man!
  5. So the game runs fine very smoothly, I go on duty complete maybe about 3 callouts and then when driving around there is a huge frame rate drop/lag for some reason? Does anyone know why this is? Always happens after I've completed a few callouts. I probably have about 4-5 plugins installed. Any help would be amazing, thanks!
  6. L321

    Keeps Crashing!

    I I'm using RH 0.38 and as I said in the post it says 'successfully loaded LSPDFR 0.31' but when on duty 'There's a new version available 0.31'. Not sure if that a glitch or something?
  7. Hi so basically today my LSPDFR constantly crashes, sometimes the game will load and it'll crash instantly I go to load the LSPDFR plugin using F4 and shortly after it crashes again. It's never crashed like this before I also notice little frame rate drops every now and then. I did have a lot of plugins installed so I deleted them all and it STILL crashes. There is a screenshot below of my GTA 5 folder. The latest plugin I downloaded was the police protection mod. Another strange thing that happens is when it did work it would say in the bottom left of the screen something like 'Successfully loaded LSPDFR 0.31' and when I go on duty it says 'there's a later version available 0.31'. Does that mean I don't have the latest version or what? Worked fine before. Thanks so much! (the screenshot is of the plugins I used to have before I deleted them)
  8. Hope you all enjoy, let me know what you think below!
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