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    Holy jumbo spotlight Batman! Seriously though, excellent model - although I would shrink that spotlight down a little. As always I'd love to see a wraparound, but great work!
  1. This is awesome. Personally I wish it had a wraparound on it; regardless it's great!
    One of my absolute favorites. That wraparound! I only wish it were updated to ELS. Other than that, phenomenal!
    These have, without a doubt, the best flash pattern I've ever seen on a model here. Changing from blue to red is grade A stuff. Phenomenal work!
  2. Oh man, I really want to like these.. but that font is killing me. Personal preference though. Other than that excellent work. Keep it up!
  3. Could you add Captain14's new pack to it? That would be awesome!
  4. Another hotfix with no campaign hats? I swear you're doing it to torture us now.
  5. You. Are. The. Man. Seriously, love all your textures and thanks for being so accommodating!
  6. Any chance you could make one for the FPIU in this pack? Thanks!
  7. @Gump I need that CVPI something fierce!
  8. Also. I'm back to the evil black lightbar.. Any ideas?
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