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  1. Amazing extension, really like the fire truck part. But what would be nice is if we could edit the ini file to be able to request what we want with the fire truck. I have multiple fire vehicles added in my game. It would be nice if i could request a chiefs vehicle (my add on) and a fire truck at the same time. That would really make it realistic. I have been waiting for a mod like this for a long time.
  2. How do you make the controller on screen smaller?
  3. Nil1210

    Add On Vehicle Help

  4. Nil1210

    2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Unmarked/slicktop

    Seems like your fist time adding a vehicle. try watching a tutorial it should help. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- great car but the vehicle sounds and the siren sounds wont work??? (i added it as an add on vehicle and this isn't my first time adding an add on vehicle).
  5. I have a couple of vehicles added on into the game, and recently i added a new fbi suv. I got it into the game, put the carvariations in and the vehicles.meta. i spawned it in game and i realized that everything was working fine but the vehicle had no sound at all. no engine sounds or sirens sounds. everything else was working fine. Does anyone have an idea of what could have possibly gone wrong? or how to fix it?
  6. Nil1210

    Dispatch Fire Department

    thanks alot that really helped. pretty much what i was looking for because it has a code to what responds THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  7. does anybody know of a mod that lets you dispatch the fire department like you ask for backup from the police. i have a add on fire vehicle and i want to be able to use it. this way if there is a mod that lets you dispatch the FD, i can change the vehicle the FD brings. OR if anybody knows away around that without downloading a mod. That would be great too.
  8. Nil1210

    coding information

    dang it. its ok, thanks tho
  9. Nil1210

    coding information

    i still want to mess around with that code. it would be nice if you knew where that code is. Because some where in it, it must say that [firetruk] and the actual fire men names are dispatched to explosions.
  10. Nil1210

    Game CRASH on Loading Screen

    what mods do you have? and have you changed any default in game vehicles yet? there has also been a new version of Rage Plugin Hook released. please try and download it.
  11. Nil1210

    How do I edit Backup.xml?

    please be careful when editing that file. make sure to back it up first.
  12. Nil1210

    Rage plugin hook crashing ?

    there has just been a new version of Rage Plugin Hook released. Please try and download it.
  13. Nil1210

    "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working"

    do you have v757 for gta? to vertify you have the latest download and you have all the game files. refer to bullet number 4 on this website https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/205778987-GTAV-PC-General-Troubleshooting-Installation-Issues-Crashes-Freezes-Poor-Performance .Rage Plugin Hook also just released a new update. Try and download that. If you still problems, feel free to continue this topic
  14. Nil1210

    getting wanted 3 stars

    when you go into the the game. press F4 and type [reload all plugins]. after that type [force duty]. this will force your character to go on duty in the cloths you are wearing. if this works, then your LSPDFR is downloaded correct and so is rage plugin hook.
  15. Nil1210

    coding information

    does anybody know where the code for the firetruck is. for example, you can alter the code for police back up in LSPDFR/backup. if anybody does that would be a great help. i am trying to have multiple fire truck be able to respond. i have already added the vehicles in without replacing the original fire truck, i just need to code the add on vehicles in. thanks