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  1. JmanFTW2

    help please! ASAP

    Hey guys, i have spoken with snoopypanther33, if some of you know him, and he told me to post here fr the help i have having trouble with and this is it. Everytime i try and load gta4 from steam the normal way from desktop, it pops up that social club is unavailable, please play offline. And when i click play offline, and when i do it says that i am not logged into social club, but i really am, please help asap.
  2. JmanFTW2

    GTa4 not working?

    no video of how that can help me :[
  3. JmanFTW2

    GTa4 not working?

    I have LCPDFR 1.1 installed, ELS, and my slicktop tahoe but when i try and load GTA4 from the normal way, it pops up the social club is unavailable, and that i am not signed in but i really am, any help please?
  4. JmanFTW2


    for me when i try and run gta4 through social club it says that social club is unavailable and that im not signed in but i really am any help pls?
  5. JmanFTW2

    LCPDFR still out?

    Hey guys i have not gotten GTA5 yet bc still a lot of monery, does anyone know if i can still download LCPDFR? or is it gone?