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  1. Have you been able to make any progress, would love to see what you can do with this mod. I already made the sheriff cars MA State police, but the Los Santos cruisers would be perfect for a Worcester version, maybe with one of the models found on the site here to make it most accurate.
  2. Any chance you could make a Worcester police car pack to replace all of the Los Santos cars? This looks perfect, would love to see a version for V
  3. Could you make it so that blood stains and blood pools show up as red instead of white when the occur on the ground with the snow enabled? Also, is there any way that you can make this mod compatible with Jedijosh920's gorev mod? The wound in the mod shows up as half white with snow enabled.
  4. Awesome! Can't wait to see what you can make, please keep me update if you can!
    Could you please make it so that blood stains and pools still show up as red and not white on the ground if the snow is enabled, and perhaps add compatibility with jedijosh920's GoreV mod. I believe he replaced a particular type of leaf, but the wound turns mostly white with snow enabled.
  5. Could you make some Worcester textures next, definitely a major MA city that would fit well in Los Santos. Amazing work here. Also, here's an example of a Worcester police car
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