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  1. Auto Pursuit Backup

    Simply turn on the mod (Default: NumPad0), turn on your sirens and dispatch will automatically send units to your location.
    Tired of having to spam the 'b' button when you want backup and also tired of being on a pursuit on your own?
    I wrote this LSPDFR plugin to passively get other officers to assist, and they'll help you with sirens wailing.
    You can set the maximum amount of units that will assist (per pursuit) in the INI file with the plugin.
    Just don't worry about a thing next time you make a traffic stop or engage in a callout, your buddies will help :D
    If your units are desperate, they'll send in a heli to help also.
    Just insert in the GTAV\Plugins\LSPDFR folder and don't forget the .INI!


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  2. GTA V Plugin .INI Browser

    Do you have too many mods?
    Want to go through and edit all of the .ini files you have but don't have the time or feel lazy?
    This tool has it in one place; just place the standalone .exe in the root GTA V directory, run the program and it will detect all .ini files in the user's plugin folder.
    Don't worry, I also included all sub folders as well, so it's not just the plugins folder, but also our beloved LSPDFR folder too.
    I love Windows Forms.
    Peace and Happy New Years!! 


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