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  1. https://gyazo.com/49e4bda5b45aeb7d7cf8779513dcccb7 <--- ERROR Yea, everything is updated.
  2. I've tried re downloading the game 2 times, still doesn't fix it I tried re installing everything as well. I've disabled my anti virus I've made sure it's enabled with Windows Firewall. Yes I'm running it as administrator I've even tried doing it with the latest scripthook, than even tried removing scripthook I ran the LSPDFR troubleshooter, found 0 errors.
  3. I've done everything and anything, along with Assuna.. at least we tried thanks guys Guess some people aren't meant to play LSPDFR
  4. Nope.. everything online says the 3 steps you said.. and I already have them done
  5. I didn't have the last 2 things installed, I just installed them.. Also did the Albo lspdfr troubleshooter and it found 0 problems.. guess I gotta search online now
  6. Both the exe and launcher + ragehook all are allowed.. I just restarted my pc and tried.. Still giving me the same error..
  7. https://gyazo.com/49e4bda5b45aeb7d7cf8779513dcccb7 https://gyazo.com/4136fdb6f0982d007ed97832c09e4900 I only have 2 GTA V's the exe and launcher
  8. https://gyazo.com/9a39b211a1233d3686b63d107872cdbd https://gyazo.com/1cdaa522be2f877a1f97c8ed7aeda8c9
  9. I also turned off Windows Defender but I'm still having the same thing show up
  10. Thank you didn't see that.. also when I launch it it says something about a bad anti virus or something how do I fix that? It says it on the startup gta v screen thing
  11. I'm currently on 1032 and it says it supports 944 Is there a way I can switch to 944? Or do I have to wait for an update, how long will the update take?
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