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  1. thebensar

    Crash on "Force Duty"

    Hi! I have no problems with either LSPDFR or RageHook, right up until I try to "ForceDuty" in the Ragehook Console. LSPDFR crashes and the audio gets stuck, playing the background static on loop after saying "attention unit..". Below is my crash log. What would be the best way of finding my system specs? Vanilla GTA V works fine. I am playing with the following installed: Cop Holster Dashcam V EUP LSPD:FR More Control V Passive Radar Safer Chases Spike Strips V Spotlight Traffic Control Agency Callouts Arrest Manager Assorted Callouts CalloutsV Code 3 Callouts Federal Callouts High Priority Callouts Khallouts More Callouts Panic Button PeterU Callouts Police Radio Search Warrant Secondary Callouts Traffic Policer Wilderness Callouts Thanks for any help at all.
  2. thebensar

    ALM/LCPDFR 1.1 Conflict

    Ah that sucks.. oh well, thank you for the help
  3. thebensar

    ALM/LCPDFR 1.1 Conflict

    Yes, ALM 2.0
  4. I've set up all of the ALM.ini correctly and have placed both files in the scripts folder. I have modded cars capable of taking multiple liveries, all police cars have +liverys on the end of their line in vehicles.ide The main problem that I have found is that ALM requires the .NET scripthook, but LCPDFR 1.1 requires it's own special version of the .NET scripthook. ALM doesn't seem to be working with this .NET scripthook and if I install the .NET SH that ALM request, LCPDFR doesn't work any more. Sorry for all the acronyms ;)