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  1. I would like to try out the mod, but I cannot figure out how to install it. I know it says to use the documentation, and I did try that but I do not have Office and I am not buying it so I suppose I can't use this mod :/
  2. I have tried a few different apps. I have been using 7Zip which has been working like a charm until lately. I tried a few others that either don't do it at all, or say they do it and when I go to the file there is nothing in it. I have tried uninstalling 7Zip a few times now but nothing has worked. I am going to look into winwar.
  3. I have downloaded it five times and it still will not work. It just says "Could not open the archive, may be damage." Not really too sure as to what to do. I cannot play LSPDFR for more than 5 minutes. It keeps crashing on me, and I am unsure if it because this mod is not updated and its causing it to crash. Not sure!
  4. Not really sure what is wrong, but I have finally started to update all of my mods because I haven't played much for awhile. I downloaded the latest version of this, and I opened up 7Zip. But it keeps telling me it could not be unpacked because it may be damaged. I have never had an issue with 7Zip until now. Any ideas?
  5. Nevermind. It did not work. It partially worked. The badges popped up, but I wasn't receiving any calls so I decided to pull people over instead, and it wouldn't work. So I went into the console and typed it in and it said, once again, it has crashed. This time I have no idea why. I honestly have no idea on how to scroll through this, and I hope this is what you wanted.
  6. No need. I figured it out finally. I was going to go and take a screenshot for you, but then I remembered that the last time that this happened the LMS.Common.dll file was not present. So I went in, and sure enough, it was not there again. I don't know why that happens when I download Rage Plugin Hook. It takes it out or something. Its weird! Thanks anyways! I was going to go and take a screenshot for you, but I remembered that the last time this happened to me the LMS.Common.dll file was not there. So I checked and sure enough it was not. It takes it out or something. Its working now! Thanks anyways!
  7. I asked a question not very long ago about it saying Script Hook V was fatal, and I was going to update it because I forgot to put something in it but it was closed by the time I got to it, which was a few minutes later after I posted it. Anyways, I did update my Script Hook V to the newest version and it was STILL saying it wasn't updated (that was the part I forgot to put) but after reloading it 20,000 times it finally went. I am unsure as to why it took it so long to finally work, but it is working now. But now I have a new issue. LSPDFR will not load. The first time it didn't go, I opened up the console and typed LoadPlugin "lspd first response.dll" and that usually works. However, this time it says that it was out of the perimeter or something like that. I figured it must not have loaded correctly, so I quite the game and reloaded the game with no issues with Script Hook V. I saw LSPDFR load, and when it got to my game, no stars appeared so I knew it wasn't working. Again. So I typed it in again and it sat there for a few minutes, so I knew it had detected the file. Once it was done loading, it said LSPDFR has crashed and I have typed it in a few times and it will still not load. I have the latest LSPDFR installed too. This thing is going to give me an aneurysm one of these days.
  8. So I was finally able to get Rage Hook's files into my main GTA V file and was able to finally get it to unblock the files, but now I get THIS. What in the world does this mean??? GTA V is updated and I am updated Rage Plugin Hook .28 so I don't know what is going on. Its problem after problem with this. Someone please explain? I also have a non-pirated game version. It came from Rockstar themselves. I downloaded it from their site so it is 100% legit.
  9. Thank you. That did work. I thought I already did that, but I must have forgotten to do it! The files downloaded easily into my Grand Theft Auto V file, but now when I try to launch the plugin, it says Windows has blocked it, so I say for it to unblock it but it will not do it. It just keeps popping up again saying Windows has blocked it. Any suggestions? Did they call this Rage Hook because it never works and because it makes people rage? Lol.
  10. I deleted Rage Hook .26 after I was finally able to update Grand Theft Auto V. I never updated to .27 because I was out of town and by the time I got back it was to .28. Either way, whenever I try to copy the files of .28 into my Grand Theft Auto V folder, I get this message: I had FINALLY gotten it to work, and now I get to go through all of this trouble again. I hate to even update anything because I always run into problems with this! I put in .26 again into my folder just to see if I got the same message, and I did not.
  11. I just realized that I do not have my settings on max. I didn't see the section for advanced settings but in the other part it is! :D My bad!
  12. I am not saying I never get any frame loss, but I feel like you might think it is constantly losing frame loss. No, it isn't perfect, but it sure runs it well still for not meeting the requirements. Good news though is I got it to work. After uninstalling and reinstalling it a billion times, it is loading. The only issue now is that I cannot pull people over and I do not seem to be getting any calls. I used the police computer and it worked so I know it is running and that I am on duty so I am unsure as to why I cannot pull anyone over and as to why no callouts are coming. By the way, when it first worked, it kept crashing. I figured out why! The Rage Plugin Hook .26 version does not come with the LMS.common file (at least mine didn't appear). I noticed when I went to the command center in the game it said that the file could not be assembled. Sure enough, it wasn't in my files so I copied it from the LSPDFR download file and pasted it in and it worked. So that was what was wrong there but I don't know why I am having the other issues though. Anyone have a clue? Thanks for all of the help though you guys. I appreciate you guys trying to help me out. I am going to try to go to a different police station. Maybe the one is glitching? FIXED: It is working now. The police station that I went to first must be glitched or something because now I can pull people over and receive callouts. Thanks though! :)
  13. How can I not meet the minimum requirements when I can play the game with my settings on high and play with almost no FPS drop? I have played games where the PC does not meet the requirements and it runs terrible. This computer plays it great! Even if it is, shouldn't it still be appearing on my map? If it does run slow, it should still be appearing on my map but it is not. I haven't tried in a few days so later this weekend I will try again and see if it works. Sometimes if I leave it alone for a few days or even just hours it finally loads correctly. Not sure why. Thanks.
  14. Here are some of my specifications for you: Intel® Core™ i5-5200U Processor (Dual-Core, 3MB Cache, up to 2.7GHz w/ Intel® Turbo Boost) NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M with 2GB GDDR5. 8GB Dual Channel DDR3L at 1600MHz (2x 4GB) 1TB 5400RPM SATA 6Gb/s
  15. Sorry. I don't know why it didn't quote you correctly. I can play the game just fine without Rage installed, and most of the times when I start up with Rage it doesn't do that. I don't know if this was just a one time thing or not. It hasn't done it before.
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