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  1. I just installed Enhanced Native trainer and now my problem be solved :) How many skins can you have for one car might i also add
  2. I was just wondering how can i change the livery or skin my vehicle is using ingame? Im using Dbocks CVPI but theres 3 skins in the model viewer/ texture viewer and the one that the game chooses as the default doesnt have the license plate on the skin, how can i choose from the other skins whilst in the game using the rage hook console? or any other method, additionally how can i use a car with multiple different textures such as an LSPD skin and a Sherriff skin at the same time and choose between them
  3. Yeah thats spot on mate, exactly what i was thinking of!
  4. Im talking like you know how you can disable drunk driver blips and notifcation so that you have to keep an eye out for it happening, just something to make the world feel a bit more alive is the point im trying to make, obviously making it interactive also is the main point
  5. I Always see scripts where you are informed of an ongoing pursuit or something of that nature, but how about make an ambient pursuit that drives past you and you can join in and try to apprehend the suspect? Perhaps if the blipped the target vehicle during the ambient pursuit it would activate it and lock you into it like any other call out, just a suggestion for some of you talented people to consider.
  6. Could you give me a step by step on how to link the Ragehook log please. Okay so i pull a guy over, i start the FollowMe however the car just sits there, sometimes it will start looping around on the road asif its trying to find some way of getting to me that doesnt involve just going in a straight line
  7. Also there is a little graphical error on the spotlight if youre looking forward, however if youre looking from the front end of the vehicle its not visible
  8. Dont know whether i installed it wrong, but there are weird texture pop ins with the ram bar, and there is a weird model bug on the bumper as if the model doesnt line up properly and makes a glitchy looking bumper, if anyone knows of the issue and how to fix it or its a dev issue then let me know screens: http://imgur.com/2jcY138,CDvAXTj,HNWKSUw
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